Quick and easy invoicing

Monday, May 16, 2016

Our online portal includes useful tools help you to keep on top of your business invoicing. Here’s a quick guide to the main features:

  1. Start by customising the look of your invoices. Choose from gallery of professionally designed templates and add your logo.
  2. Fill in the invoice details to ensure your client has all the correct information
  3. You can choose to email it to them as a PDF file, or print and post it to them
  4. Add an online payment option and your client will be able to view the invoice online and pay you straight away
  5. Take the hassle out of chasing payments by setting Freeagent up to send email reminders to late paying clients
  6. When your client pays, simply match the payment up to the invoice to keep your accounts up-to-date
  7. You can even set FreeAgent to send an automatic thank you message when the client settles up
  8. For invoices that you send to a client on a regular basis, simply set up a recurring invoice profile and your invoices will be sent out automatically
  9. Your invoice timeline shows you the status of your recent invoices and lets you see what’s been paid, what’s due and what’s overdue


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